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MOTOCROSS Motocross , which...

Kıte Surfıng/Flıp Surfıng
Kıte Surfıng/Flıp Surfıng

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Skateboarding Sports
Skateboarding Sports

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Skateboarding Sports

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Skateboarding Sports


Skateboarding, which was started by attaching wheels to wooden pieces, is today one of the extreme sports preferred by amateur and professional athletes from all over the world. This sport, in which acrobatic movements can also be performed, is both an adrenaline and a very enjoyable sport.

What is Skateboarding?

Skateboarding, which gives the name of the sport, is the name of the device used during sports. It is generally based on the principle of moving with one foot on a wooden surface with wheels.

Skateboarding for Beginners

Skateboarding first appeared in the USA in the 1970s when athletes who cannot surf on windy days put wooden pieces on wheels to have fun. Also known as skateboard, this sport is generally associated with street culture.

Staying in balance and performing acrobatic movements is the basis of skateboarding. When choosing the different types of skateboard, athletes often think about what movements they want to do. In skateboarding, which starts with forward and backward movements, much more challenging-acrobatic movements can be done in later times.

How to Make a Skateboarding?

First time skateboarders should learn to balance on the wheel; Training can be done on the lawn or carpet. Athletes can start moving after balancing on the skateboard without support from anywhere.

It is necessary to speed up the board with the right or left foot on the ground. The position where the left foot is on the skateboard is called regular and the position where the right foot is on the skateboard is called the goofy. You can then try landing on a slightly sloping area. Rotational movements can also be practiced by pressing the front of the skateboard. Athletes who gain speed on the skateboard can move on to acrobatic movements. Freestyle, flip, slide and grind movements are some of these acrobatic moves. Especially beginners can also look at 3D skateboarding games to see the movements.

Although skateboarding may not pose much of a danger to amateurs, it does involve some danger for professionals performing acrobatic movements. Falling and injuries may occur during movements such as jumping and jumping. For this reason, it is recommended to use helmets and other protective equipment.

Necessary Materials for Skateboarding

In order to develop skateboarding techniques, ski models and equipment produced with quality materials should be preferred. In addition, the level and techniques to try are also important in skateboard selection.

Skateboard Types

Electric skateboard

Electric skateboards, also known as hoverboard, motorized or electronic skateboards, are frequently preferred today with the development of technology. Skateboard models, inspired by the hoverboard models seen in the movie "Back to the Future", have the feature of self balancing. Skateboards that can be used by charging can be used between 10 and 30 km.

Two Wheel Skateboard

Among the skateboard varieties, two-wheel skateboard models are often preferred. These standard models used on streets and tracks consist of wood, wheels, axle, bearing and screw sections. The width of the boards produced from materials such as maple, fiberglass and carbon fiber varies in a wide scale from 19 cm to 80 cm.

Scooter Skateboard

Scooter skateboards are also frequently used models on the street. Especially the models used by children are moved with the help of the steering wheel. These skateboards provide ease of transport with their compact structure.

Finger Skateboard

Finger skateboard models, also known as fingerboards, are the very small sizes of standard skateboards. Hand-sized skateboards are meant for fun only.

Skateboard Accessories

Skateboard Wheels

The materials used in professional skateboard wheels are of great importance. In general, wheels using polyurethane are produced in different sizes. Production is made from soft 75a to hard 100a. Original skateboard models are usually offered with 99a wheels.

Skateboard Bag

Long zippered bags must be used to carry both standard skateboards and hoverboards. Carrying the wheel and wooden parts of the skateboards in the bag is important in order to prolong the life of the skateboards, especially as they wear out after long training.

When Is Skateboarding?

Skate parks can be either indoor or outdoor. Especially in North America and Scandinavia countries where the weather is very cold, skate parks are designed as closed. In very hot cities, parks are designed as closed in order not to be exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. Skateboarding can be done in closed areas at all times. Open areas are not preferred in rainy and snowy weather, where driving performance will be negatively affected.

Where-To Skateboarding in Turkey?

Skateboarding sport in Turkey, there are several tracks can be used by athletes, if not very common.

Bostanli, Izmir

Bostanlı skateboard track Izmir is Turkey's largest skateboard parks. The park, established on an area of ​​4250 m², is designed in accordance with international standards. Those who are professionally interested in skateboarding can train on challenging tracks.

You can visit Izmir to discover the city where this special skateboard track is located.

Avcilar, Istanbul

The skateboard track in Avcılar is a very large track with an area of ​​2000 m². The park with challenging tracks usually appeals to professionals.

During your trip to Istanbul, you can visit this famous track and experience an unforgettable experience.

Cayyolu, Ankara

Although it is a small area of ​​116 m², one of the few skateboard tracks in Ankara is located in Çayyolu. Especially beginners in skateboarding can practice acrobatic movements on this not very challenging track.

Lara, Antalya

The skate park, which has ramps and tracks at different levels, was established on an area of ​​1870 m². The course, which hosts different levels of tracks for both amateurs and professionals; It is very close to the city center.

You can easily reach the region, which is famous for its beach.

The Best Skateboard Routes in the World

Many cities have skateboarding parks with different tracks for amateurs and professionals.

Berlin, Germany

Skatehalle, one of the biggest skate parks not only in Berlin but also in Germany, appeals to athletes of all levels. The park, which has a very wide runway equipped with ramps and pipes, is quite crowded at all hours of the day. The park has both open and closed sections.

You can plan and visit your trip to Berlin, where you will add the skateboarding experience.

Marseille, France

Bowl Marseille Park, one of the most popular skate parks in France, has a fun and very colorful look with graffiti drawings. The tracks, which appeal to those who are interested in skateboarding as an amateur, are at a level to meet the standards sought.

If you want to start your journey from Marseille where the track is located, you can visit it.

Stoke-On-Trent, England

The skateboard park known as Stoke Plaza has well-equipped tracks consisting of bowl, ledge, handrail and pipes. The park, where acrobatic movements such as jumping, jumping and turning can be practiced easily, is established on an area of ​​3200 square meters.

You can plan your UK trip.

Blankenberge, Belgium

Established on an area of ​​900 m², the track has a very aesthetic appearance, although it is small compared to its counterparts in Europe. The pit skateboard track surrounded by a red platform draws the attention of everyone around with its vibrant colors.

You can plan your trip to Belgium.

Jumeirah, Dubai

The skateboard park of 3100 m² located near Kite Beach is quite large. It is possible to find tracks where both beginners can train and professionals can play acrobatic movements. Skateboard racing and tournaments are also held in the area.

You can reach Jumeirah in 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport to skateboard with a unique view by the sea.