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MOTOCROSS Motocross , which...

Kıte Surfıng/Flıp Surfıng
Kıte Surfıng/Flıp Surfıng

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Skateboarding Sports

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Kıte Surfıng/Flıp Surfıng

Posted on 4 December, 2020 by Administrator

Kıte Surfıng/Flıp Surfıng


Turkey is also a sports started to become popular in recent years kitesurfing or kiteboarding; It is among the indispensable for adrenaline addicts. Combining the nostalgia of kite flying with an extreme sport such as surfing, kitesurf materials differ from windsurfing, which is very similar, but basically has the same principles.

What is Kitesurfing?

The question of what is kiteboard can be briefly called windsurfing with parachute. Because it is full of adrenaline, it is a sport that can be easily discovered for kiteboarding or kitesurfing amateurs and those who want to learn new, who are considerably passionate about extreme sports. Performing various aerobatic movements on the water using the power of a giant kite blown by the wind is another interesting feature for freestyle enthusiasts. So what does kiteboarding mean? Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboard in the world, can be translated into Turkish as kite surfing. If this sport is of interest to you, you can also contact a trusted kitesurf course instructor for information about kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing Terms

The first thing that comes to mind from the most used kitesurf terms is the word kite. The kite, the kite, is the basic equipment of this sport. Spot is the point where there are suitable conditions for kiteboarding. Freestyle is the name given to acrobatic movements performed by taking off the kite. By using the power of the wind, the terms speed racing are used in cases where speed comes to the fore, and wave riding is used when kiteboarding on the waves. Jump is used to mean jumping on the waves.

How is Kitesurfing Done?

Kitesurfing; The basic operation of which is the same as paragliding, it is a sport based on balancing on the surfboard by using the force of the wind with kite equipment. With private schools and courses where you can get professional training, kitesurfing is a suitable and fast-learning sport for amateurs.

Kitesurfing, as in every extreme sport, is a sport that has a risk of injury and therefore it is important to take safety precautions. Another point that should be considered in this regard is that those who weigh over 90 should definitely consult an official about this situation. Kitesurfing is not a sport that can be done alone without adequate training, and it should not be done without a supervisor even after basic training is completed. Although there is less risk of injury compared to other extreme sports, kitesurfing should also be performed completely with a supervisor.

What Are Kitesurfing Equipment?

If you want to discover kitesurfing, which is both fun and exciting, you can take a look at the basic material list we have prepared.


The most important and necessary material among the kiteboard materials is the kite. Kites whose size is determined according to wind strength also differ according to the style adopted or used by the user. During the training phase, your instructor will choose the right kite for your height and weight. Later, those who master can choose their kites according to their height-weight ratio and style.

Kitesurf Board - Kiteboard (Ski)

Among the kiteboard equipment, the ski, which is the backbone and the basis of the sliding action, is produced in many sizes and widths. Two-way and wide skis are recommended for beginners, while for speed-loving professionals, thin and small-volume boards are recommended.

Harness (Trapeze)

The trapeze, which is used to balance the weight of the kite and is attached to the waist, is the most important support of the kiteboarder.

Kitesurf Clothes

There is no special outfit for kitesurfing. Depending on the water and weather temperature, wetsuits, the version of diving suits produced for surfing, are used. Apart from this, water-worn T-shirts-shorts and glasses produced to reduce the effect of wind are also offered to those who prefer.

When Is Kitesurfing Done?

For kitesurfing, which is a sport mostly performed on water, a constant wind of 12-20 knots is required, regardless of its route. Although the summer months are highly preferred for kitesurfing, any season when wind conditions are suitable are suitable for this sport. Besides summer and spring months, kitesurfing is a sport that can be done on snow in winter.

Where planning Kitesurfing in Turkey?

Turkey Beyond being a haven of natural beauty; With its endless beaches, islands and routes that provide suitable conditions for interesting sports, it offers many opportunities for kiteboard lovers and those who want to learn. Popular spots for kitesurfing are located on the coasts of İzmir, Muğla, Antalya and Çanakkale cities.


Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean, provides many opportunities for water sports lovers as well as welcoming its visitors with its magnificent nature and beaches on the coastline. You can easily access spots such as Urla and Çeşme, which allow this sport to be performed in Izmir.


Located on the most popular coastline of Izmir, Urla provides the conditions needed for kiteboarding in summer on its protected beach. The fact that the sea is shallow and flat also provides convenience for new learners.

The closest airport to Urla is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, which is 57 km away from the region.

Cesme - Alacati

Çeşme - Alaçatı, which is one of the first regions to come to mind when it comes to water sports in İzmir, provides suitable conditions for kiteboarding with its uninterrupted winds blowing during the summer season. Kiteboarding in Alacati is popular in Turkey. Winds up to 30 knots blow on the Çeşme peninsula between April and November; this makes the area especially perfect for professionals. After Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, you can reach Alaçatı in about 1 hour by taking a shuttle or bus service to Alaçatı or renting a car.


Çanakkale has many points that provide suitable conditions for kiteboarding due to its location. The most popular of these are Gökçeada and Bozcaada.

You can reach these regions in Çanakkale from Edremit Koca Seyid Airport.


Gökçeada appears to be a very interesting point for kiteboarding. You have the opportunity to experience kiteboarding both in a smooth lake without waves and along the coastline with the wind blowing from the sea. Kiteboarding is a sport you can easily learn from the spots in Gökçeada. You can easily reach Gökçeada from Edremit Koca Seyid Airport.


Bozcaada, which has become a popular kiteboard spot in recent years, is suitable for beginners and those with a little experience with its gentle winds, shallow waters and long beach. You can enjoy kiteboarding on endless beaches in Bozcaada, accompanied by stunning views. For transportation, you can reach Bozcaada from Edremit Koca Seyid Airport by private vehicles or public transportation.


Located in Edremit Bay, Ayvalık is one of the ideal kiteboard spots with its slightly wavy water and 5 km track. The sea provides comfortable conditions for both new learners and experienced athletes who prefer enjoyable riding. Thermal winds are also common in this region.

You can reach the region via Edremit Koca Seyid Airport, which is 48 km away from Ayvalık.


Muğla is one of the places frequented by water sports enthusiasts due to its perfect location where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. With its magnificent beaches on the coastline such as Gökova, Akyaka, Datça and Fethiye, it is also the center of attention for those who are interested in extreme water sports or want to learn.

You can reach these regions from Dalaman and Bodrum Milas airports.


Gökova, which is connected to the Ula district of Muğla, is a world-class route that offers excellent opportunities for kiteboarding. At the point where Azmak Stream meets the sea, the currents in the bay are also provided with the thermal wind needed for kiteboarding. The season starts at the end of May and continues until the end of October. The length of the beach and the shallowness of the water also make Gökova a great place to learn kitesurfing.

You can choose the closest Bodrum Milas Airport or Dalaman Airport for transportation to Gökova.


Akyaka, a natural beauty on the coastline of Gökova in the Ula district, is one of the favorite routes for those who want to learn kiteboarding. Akyaka is among the destinations where you can get the most efficient performance for kiteboarding with the length of the coastline, the shallow waters and the never-ending thermal wind in May-October. You can reach the region from Dalaman Airport, which is 70 km away.


In Datça, which is a paradise for water and nature sports, the coastline provides suitable conditions for those who want to do kiteboarding. It is possible to find many resorts and surf centers in the region. In addition, windsurf and kitesurf competitions and events are also organized in this region.

You can easily reach Datça from Dalaman Airport.


There are courses where you can take kiteboarding training in Çalış and Karadere regions of Fethiye. You can reach Fethiye, which offers very favorable conditions for kiteboarding with its wind direction, sea and long beaches, from Dalaman Airport, which is 54 km away.


It is possible to do kiteboarding in the shallow waters of Taşburun in Didim. Tasburun, which attracts attention with its pristine sandy beach, is a well-windy bay. With this feature, it is a suitable spot for professionals and experienced athletes.

You can quickly reach Bodrum Milas Airport, which is 64 km away from the region.


There are many courses for those who want to learn kitesurfing in Antalya, which has favorable conditions on the beaches of Belek. You can easily reach Antalya Airport, which is 35 km away from Belek.

Istanbul - Kilyos

Kitesurfing is also done in Istanbul on the Black Sea coast. With its strong winds and wavy sea, Kilyos is a suitable spot for experienced kiteboard lovers. Those who want to learn kiteboarding and those interested in this sport as an amateur may prefer Suma Beach and Burç Beach, which are known for their less windy and quieter sea.

Best Kitesurfing Spots in the World

Countries such as Spain, Egypt and France stand out with their world-famous kitesurfing routes.

Spain - Tarifa

Spain's Tarifa coast is among the popular spots for kiteboarders. Tarifa provides perfect conditions for water sports enthusiasts, thanks to the wind tunnel formed at the junction of Europe and Africa at the end of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Spain - Canary Islands

Lanzarote beaches are another suitable option for kiteboarding in Spain. In Lanzarote kite and surf camp, accommodation and education are provided together. For transportation to the Canary Islands, you can check the direct and indirect flights to Spain.

Spain - Malaga

Thanks to the wind tunnel created by the Strait of Gibraltar, Malaga appears as a popular destination for kiteboard lovers. You can visit Malaga, one of the riches of Spain, which has kilometers of coastline between the borders of Portugal and France.

Egypt - Nabk

The beaches in the southeast of the Sinai Peninsula are known as hugely popular kiteboarding spots. If you want to experience kiteboarding in the most enjoyable way, you can reach Aqaba Bay from Cairo Airport.

France - Marseille

Kiteboarding is also possible, as well as an enjoyable and entertaining holiday on the shores of France. Wind and beach conditions are very suitable for kiteboarding at Hyères (Almanarre) in Marseille.