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MOTOCROSS Motocross , which...

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Motocross , which emerged and became popular in England in the 1930s, is a race with motorcycles on a track built on a rugged terrain. Throughout the race, the athlete is expected to overcome the obstacles on the track. Motocross, which is an extreme sport with high adrenaline, is also a very entertaining sport for its audience. Motocross spread all over the world as a result of the increase in its reputation in the United States in the 1970s and has become a favorite of motor sports enthusiasts.

What is Motocross?

Motocross is a speed race with cross engines on an obstacle course on rough soil. It is one of the most adrenaline-filled off-road sports and is divided into many branches within itself. Motocross or motocross is a combination of the English words motorcycle and cross-country.

Motocross; It is divided into two separate branches as "race" and "Freestyle". As the name suggests, the race is full of speed and completing the race first on the terrain is the main goal. Freestyle (freestyle) is a competition based on collecting the highest score by performing acrobatic movements on the track. These two branches are subdivided into Vintage, Supercross and Mini-Motocross. Vintage, as the name suggests, are races where motorcycle models belonging to the so-called vintage era, that is, the 1970s, were used. Mini-Motocross is the name given to races where specially designed cross engines are used. These specially designed motors are miniatures of their original versions. Finally, in the Supercross style, short tracks are used and freestyle acrobatic movements are more extreme and higher.

Motocross Terms

Off-road, in other words, represents the region where motocross sports are performed. Cross is the type of motor used by motocross. Freestyle is a competition where points are collected by performing acrobatic movements on a motorcycle. Dirt Bike (mud motorcycle) is the name given to cross bikes used on muddy tracks.

How is Motocross Made?

Motocross, in short, is to play to win by using the power of the engine in competitions and races organized according to the levels of amateur or professional athletes. Motocross engines are needed while doing motocross. Cross riders, who combine the power of the engine with their skills and turn it into a show, must also be skilled and well-trained.

Like any motor sport, motocross is a sport with dangers; That's why you need to be sure of the equipment you use, your instructor and yourself. If necessary precautions are taken, injuries can be prevented.

What Are Motocross Accessories?

Motocross accessories are similar to other motor sports materials. Cross bikes are produced specifically for this sport; They are light and highly manoeuvrable engines. In addition, there are helmets and protective gear specially produced for motocross.

Motocross Helmets

Many types of helmets are produced for motor sports according to the style and needs of the riders. Some helmets are preferred for comfort and mobility, others for total protection and safety. Helmets produced specifically for Cross and Enduro should be chosen with rider's comfort in mind.

Off-road Helmets

Helmets, known as off-road helmets or motocross helmets, are helmets designed to cover the entire face. This model, which has extra protection on the chin, protects the driver from impacts to the chin, which is a sensitive area in accident situations. While choosing these helmet models, the riding position of the rider, comfort, air vents and weight should be taken into consideration.

Off-road helmets are designed for use with goggles; For this reason, there are no protective parts called visors (a piece made of glass or similar material designed to protect eyes and provide a better vision) on the front. For this reason, off-road helmets are more suitable for low speed and short riding. The main reason why the helmets are designed for use with glasses is that there is an extension on the front of the glasses, which protects the eyes from the sun and is called sun peak. While choosing glasses and helmets, it should be checked whether they are compatible with each other. This is very important to ensure maximum protection from external factors such as rain, mud and dust.

Crossover- Hybrid Helmets

It is a type between full-face helmet and an off-road helmet. On the upper part, there is a sunscreen called sun peak and extra protection in the chin area. It has a visor on the front that protects the eyes and face from external factors such as wind and rain. These helmets, also called dual-support (dual protection), are soundproof like full-face helmets. It is ergonomic to be used at high speeds. Since the visor can be opened fully, it can be used with cross glasses. If you are interested not only in cross, but also in other motor sports, it is recommended to choose a hybrid helmet in order to be suitable for all sports types.

Motocross Motors

Motocross motors vary depending on which branch of the sport is competed and the level of professionalism. These motors, also known as Dirt bikes, are basically divided into three models. These are Dual-Sport, Enduro and Motocross models. Apart from these, they are also divided into many sub-models: Trials, Flattrack, Icetrack, Supermotard, Minibike. Commonly used, popular engine brands include Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and KTM.

Dual Sport

Dual Sport model motorcycles, which can be translated into Turkish as two sports, are cross engines that can be used in the city. It is heavier than other cross engines. They are models that compromise performance for easy use and comfort. They have 4 stroke 400cc-650cc engines.


Enduro models that cannot be used in the city are used in competitions and forest lands. Because they are lightweight, user comfort is not at the forefront; but it improves performance. Since they are mainly used in the field, their engines are high traction. It is divided into two as 125cc-350cc 2-stroke and 250cc-500cc 4-stroke engines.


They are models that can only be used in races and competitions. Lightweight Motocross is designed for acrobatics, jumping and speed. Engine options in models are predominantly 125cc - 450cc 4 stroke.

When is Motocross done?

Motocross is a motor sport that can be done at any time of the year, regardless of the season. To do motocross in snowy or rainy weather, it is necessary to be well trained. It is important for new learners and amateurs to prefer non-rainy periods in order to prevent injuries and potential dangers.

Where Motocross in Turkey made?

Turkey due to geographical characteristics suitable for motocross is hosted on natural trails.

Istanbul Hezarfen Track

The track, which received the approval of the International Motorcycle Federation in 2004, is a world-class track where international races are organized. Istanbul Hezarfen Track, which is a track preferred by the courses as a training area, is also very suitable for amateurs and those who want to learn.

You can reach this track from Istanbul Airport, which is located 40 minutes away.

Enduropark Track

This track, where you can study, is a natural track and can be used in summer and winter. You can easily reach Enduropark in Beykoz from Istanbul Airport, which is about 45 minutes away.

Hayrabolu Track

The track located at Hayrabolu Pond in Lüleburgaz also hosts the championship of the Yeditepe Motor Sports Club and is an ideal track for amateurs who want to train.

You can reach the region from Tekirdağ Çorlu Airport in approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Fethiye Enduro and Motocross Track

Hosting countless tourists every year with its magnificent natural beauties, Fethiye is also a popular destination for motocross lovers. Fethiye Enduro and Motocross Track, which is a natural track, has the characteristics of tough terrain, equipped with difficult obstacles. One leg of the World Enduro Championship was held here in 2010 and 2011.

You can use the closest Dalaman Airport to reach Fethiye.

The Best Motocross Courses in the World

Motocross, one of the favorite and followed sports of motor enthusiasts in the world, offers a unique experience for adrenaline lovers. We have listed the favorite motocross tracks located at the points where you can spend your holiday.

Royal Hills - France

Royal Hills, which is one of the tracks that every motocross lover should experience in the world, has stages such as enduro, motocross, supercross, endurocross within the track. You can also experience an unforgettable travel experience while taking motocross training.

You can visit the track, which has stages suitable for both amateurs and professionals, in France.

MX Arena - France

MX Arena, which is among the popular tracks that is widely preferred in France, is a track established in a closed area. It is very suitable for beginners and amateurs.

You can organize a great travel plan that includes the MX Arena.

Dirt Park - Hungary

This track in the west of Europe offers an experience above the standards for drivers. If you want to experience Motocross with a magnificent view, you can choose Hungary.

Lleides Park - Spain

Lleides Motocross Park, a specially designed freestyle cross track, is one of Europe's best known training tracks. The track has jumping ramps in many difficulty levels. The track, which is considered one of the best by world standards, also has a section for amateurs.

You can visit Spain for a travel plan that includes the motocross experience.

Hawkstone Park - England

Hawkstone Park, one of the most popular tracks in the 1950s, has preserved its reputation to this day. Promising a world-class driving experience, what makes this park interesting is the 2-meter slope on the Hawkstone hill, which will test the skills of every driver.