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General Information

Officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh; Located in South Asia, it is one of the most populous countries in the world. Bangladesh means "country of Bengal".

Its capital city is Dhaka, which is the most developed city in the country.

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Its official language is Bengali, which is the language spoken by the majority of the population.

Its currency is Taka.

Turkey is more advanced than 4 hours in the local time clock.

Bangladesh is among the countries that require a visa, you must have made your visa application and received a visa to Bangladesh before you go.


It is in South Asia. It is neighbors with India. There is also a short border line with Myanmar.

Most Visited Cities

Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet

Climate / Weather

It is under the influence of the tropical climate. Monsoon rains occur between June and October. In May and June, the temperature rises to 29-35 degrees.

When to Go?

The best weather conditions to visit are April and May.

Country Cuisine / What to Eat What to Drink?

The country cuisine consists of a mixture of Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. One of their most popular dishes is spicy mashed potatoes aloo bhartha. One of the most consumed foods is fish meat.

Bangladesh, one of the Southeast Asian countries, is the eighth most populous country in the world with a population of 165 million according to the data of the United Nations. Bangladesh, which was a region of Pakistan as the East Pakistan province of Pakistan until 1971, was known as the state of Bengal as a British colony before the Pakistani rule.

In recent years, Bangladesh, which is often referred to as the country where Arakan Muslims fleeing Myanmar took refuge, is especially known for its textile industry. The country is one of the countries with the lowest welfare level in Asia with its large population and economic inadequacies.

Information About Bangladesh

Country Official Name: People's Republic of Bangladesh

Country Location: Southeast Asia

Capital: Dhaka

Neighbors: Bangladesh is surrounded by India to the north, east and west and Myanmar to the southeast. In the south of the country is the Indian Ocean (Bay of Bengal).

Ethnicity: 98 percent Bengali, 0.1 percent other groups

Management Type: Republic

Area: 148,460 km²

Phone code: +880

Currency: Taka (BDT)

Population: 164.8 million

Official languages: Bengali

Religion: Muslim 89.1 percent, Hindu 10 percent, other (including Buddhists and Christians) 0.9 percent

Alphabet: Sanskrit alphabet

Local Time: Bangladesh time zone GMT +6. 3 hours ahead of Turkey.

Popular cities: Barguna, Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet

Bangladesh, one of the most populous countries in the world, has a hot tropical climate throughout the year. The period between March and May is the time period when the temperature averages are the highest in the country

When to go to Bangladesh?

Bangladesh, which is located in Southeast Asia, is hot all year round. Increasing rainfall and Monsoon rains at certain periods can force travel in the country. The most suitable period for those who want to visit the country is the period from November to early March. During this period, a relatively cooler air is encountered as the air temperatures fall below the general average. Flood, earthquake and landslide risk is very high in the country.

Bangladesh Flag

The background color of the national flag of Bangladesh, which was adopted and started to be used in 1972, is green and has a red circle on it. The first flag used in the country was similar to the flag used today. However, inside the red circle in the middle of the old flag was a map of the country depicting the sun.

The green ground of the flag symbolizes the fertile green land of the country and the red circle symbolizes the sun rising on these lands.

Bangladesh, located in the south of the Asian continent with a population of approximately 160 million, neighbors countries such as India and Myanmar. More than 7 million people live in the capital, Dhaka, which is the most important center of the country in terms of politics, economy, culture and tourism. Numerous historical and cultural structures are waiting for you to be discovered in this country, which has a long history dating back to the 1000s BC.

Places You Can Visit in Bangladesh

Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil, the official residence of the Nawab Family in Dhaka, is located on the bank of the Buriganga River. The magnificent building, created with the Indo-Saracenic Revival architectural style, was completed and opened in 1859 and 1872. The building that serves as a national museum today is one of the most important symbols of Dhaka. The palace, which proved to be one of the most touristic places in Bangladesh with the number of visitors of 3 million recorded in 2003, enchants its guests with its pinkish color.

Lalbagh Castle

Lalbagh Castle, located in the eastern part of Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh, is located near Buriganga River. Built in the 17th century, this Mongolian fortress was built by Subahdar Muhammed Azam Shah. The magnificent castle, created in 10 years, is also known as the eternal resting castle of names such as Pari Bibi, Muhammad Habibur Rahman and Charles D'Oyly. The famous castle, known as one of the historical places of Bangladesh, must be visited.

Dhakeshwari National Temple

Dhakeshwari National Temple is a famous Hindu temple located in the capital city Dhaka. Built in the 12th century, this building, which was the most important Hindu temple in the country during the War of Independence in Bangladesh, was created with an architectural style called 'Sena'. There are wonderful sculptures in the temple, which consists of 4 domes. This historical Hindu temple, which has become one of the most important buildings of Dhaka, is a must see.

Bangladesh National Museum

Located in the capital city of Dhaka, the National Museum of Bangladesh was opened in 1913. In addition to ethnographic and decorative works, different items are exhibited in each part of the museum, which serves with departments such as natural history, civilization and classical art. The museum, which hosts maps showing the country every inch, famous Bengal Tiger sculpture, torture machines from the war years, is one of the most tourist-attracting institutions in the country. The museum, which has a wide space for photographs of former Bangladeshi politicians, artists and scientists, is one of the tourist attractions of Bangladesh.

Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho

Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho (National Martyrs Memorial) was erected in memory of those who lost their lives in the War of Independence in 1971. Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho was built in 1982 by architect Syed Mainul Hossain. The 46-meter-high monument is one of Dhaka's most important symbols. Reflecting the nationalist spirit of the people of the country, Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho monument is one of the most tourist attractions in the country.

Somapura Mahavihara

Located in the village of Paharpur in Bangladesh, the 8th century monastery is one of the most important ruins of the country. Somapura Mahavihara, one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in the city, became the center of many religious and cultural activities in the 17th century.

Archaeological excavations continue around the Somapura Mahavihara Monastery, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985, and new sacred artifacts continue to be found around it.

Location: Paharpur Village / Bangladesh

Visiting Hours: 08: 00-18: 00

Bangladesh National Zoo

Located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, the zoo is one of the most entertaining spots in the city. Here you can see species of animals living in different climates all over the world, which attract the attention of everyone, young, old and children.

Within the zoo; You can see elephants, cheetahs, zebras, otters, giraffes, snakes, hippos, lions, chimpanzees, monkeys and the famous Bengal tigers.

In the zoo, you can ride elephants and horses and feed the living creatures. Ticket prices in Bangladesh Zoo, which is established on an area of ​​75 hectares, are 30 CIS for 0-2 years old.

Visiting Hours: 09: 00-18: 30 (Excluding Sundays)

Location: Zoo Road, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

Contact: +880 2-9002020

Sixty Dome Mosque

Sixty Dome Mosque in Bangladesh is known as one of the most magnificent Muslim monuments in Asia. The construction of the mosque, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, started in 1442 during the Tuğluk Dynasty. The mosque, which takes its name from 60 stone columns in its structure, was designed by architect Khan Jahan Ali. The mosque, which has numerous arches, corridors and columns inside, is among the most interesting structures of Bangladesh.

Address: Bagerhat- Khulna Rd, 9300, Bangladesh

Contact: 01715-857362

Inani Beach

It is not possible to return without visiting the beautiful beaches of Bangladesh, which has a coast on the Indian Ocean. If you like to walk on golden-yellow sands and swim in the deep blue waters, you can visit Inani Beach, the most popular beach of the city, for free.

Address: Nidania, Bangladesh

Foy’s Lake

Located around Chittagong, one of the popular cities of Bangladesh, this lake is an artificial lake that was created later. It has managed to become the most popular place in the city over time with the commercial businesses and amusement parks established around the lake. In Foy’s Lake; you can find recreational areas, amusement parks, workshops and shops.

If you wish, you can go on a short tour by boats on Foy’s Lake or stay in bungalow houses. You can find the prices of the tours and bungalows below.

Foy’s Lake Cruise + Boat Tour: 300 CIS

Bungalow House Rental: 4500 CIS

National Assembly Building

Bangladesh National Assembly Building, one of the largest legislative centers in the world, is located in Dhaka city. Built by the order of Louis Kahn, the building is known as a masterpiece with its architecture and size.

In addition to looking quite large from the outside, all human needs were considered in the building, which has 7 floors inside. There are plenty of green areas, lakes and residences where council members can stay within the 200-decare land where the council building is located. When you visit Bangladesh, we recommend that you do not return without visiting the National Assembly Building.

Address: Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh

Visiting Hours: 09:00 - 17:30

* The building is not open to visits on weekends. *

Dhakeshwari Temple

Considered the national temple of Bangladesh, Dhakeshwari Temple is the oldest Indian temple in the city. In the temple, which dates back to the 12th century, worship is still carried out today. Inside the building, there are many rooms, ponds, saint tombs, prayer and meditation rooms.

In this temple, where darkness prevails in all rooms, it is aimed to be illuminated by the light of the god. If you come across the ceremonies at the Dhakeshwari Temple, which stands out with its rosy and red exterior, we strongly recommend you to attend and see how the Hindu ceremonies go.

Visiting Hours: 07:00 - 14:00

Address: Dhakeshwari Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Contact: +880 1727-218085

-Bangabandhu Mausoleum

This mausoleum, which was established to show respect and respect to Mucibur Rahman, is one of the important spiritual points for the people of the country. Mucibur Rahman, who was called "Bangabandhu (Friend of the Bengali)" among the people, fought for the secularization and independence of the country.

This mausoleum built for Mucibur Rahman, who was killed in a military coup in 1975, is visited every year with flowers on the day of his death and on the day of independence. You can learn more about his life by visiting the mausoleum of Mucibur Rahman, who has an important place in the historical change of the city.

** South Asian countries are the most distinguished places that are always curious and surprise us with their traditions and cultures. We suggest that you start exploring Asia from Bangladesh, which has all the colors of the continent, attracts our attention with its people and interesting traditions.