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Antigua ve Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

General Information

Antigua and Barbuda, known as "365 Coastal Countries" due to having a beach for every day of the year, is an island country located in the east of the Caribbean Sea. Although there is no neighbor because it is located in the middle of the sea, it is a complete holiday paradise.
Its capital is St. The population of Antigua and Barbuda, John's, is less than 100 thousand according to the figures in recent years. However, as we mentioned, the country, which is a complete holiday paradise, attracts great attention from tourists, so it is possible to see tourists who visit this island country throughout the year as well as locals.
The official language in Antigua and Barbuda, which was a British colony for a while, is English. The East Caribbean dollar is used as the currency.
Turkey more time to the local time is 6 hours behind.
Antigua and Barbuda from Turkey are among the countries do not need visas. You can travel to this country without a visa. However, you need a visa for the country's import from Turkey will make no direct flights.

Antigua and Barbuda are located in the east of the Caribbean Sea. Since it is an island country, it has no border neighbors.
Most Visited Cities
St. John's, Barbuda

Climate / Weather
The temperature difference between summer and winter in Antigua and Barbuda is at most 10 degrees. Therefore, no matter which month you visit this country, the sun will greet you.

When to Go?

Since the seasonal temperatures in the country are almost similar throughout the year, you can go in all seasons. Since it is an ocean country, it will be sufficient to find out if there is a storm from Meteorology before you go.

Country Cuisine / What to Eat What to Drink?
In this country located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, you can find and consume plenty of tropical fruits. Saltfish is the local dish that we strongly recommend to those who visit the country.

Antigua and Barbuda - Crowned Islands
We all know the unique beauty of the Caribbean. Living in a country with these beauties unspoiled is a factor that multiplies the perfection of the Caribbean. Living in the Caribbean is different in Antigua and Barbuda, the lands of the islands crowned with their unique beaches.

B.C. Antigua and Barbuda, which were settlements even in 2400 years, became an important place with the arrival of Cristopher Colombus on the island. Slaves from Africa were brought to the country, which became a British colony in 1632, to work in sugar production. So much so that even today, black people are the majority in the land. The independence war that the people started in 1970 became important eleven years later and the country gained its independence.
If you want to reach the perfect beaches and enjoy the unique sea, it's time to turn your route to Antigua and Barbuda, known as "365 Coastal Lands"!

How can we go?

There are no direct flights from Istanbul to Antigua and Barbuda, one of the countries that do not require a visa. You can arrive in the country with a single transfer by flying from London to Antigua. Although you may not always find the option of transportation with a single transfer, you can go to Toronto from big cities such as Munich, London, Frankfurt and Paris, and from here you can reach the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, Saint John's. Although the prices of flight tickets start from 3,500 TL, you can reduce your transportation budget by purchasing your tickets in advance.

Where should we travel?
The city that you must see in Antigua and Barbuda, which takes its name from its two major islands, is Saint John, which is located in Antigua and is the capital of the country. Saint John's is waiting for you with its legendary sea, beaches and history!

Places to visit in Saint John’s
Being the capital city, Saint John's is also the country's largest and most important port city. It is possible to find the traces of history and taste the culture of the country in this city, which has been a settlement for centuries. Here are the places you should definitely see in Saint John's:
Betty’s Hope, Fort Barrington, Galley Bay Beach, Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, Forth James, Wadadli Animal Nature Park, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Jabber wock Beach, Antigua Recreation Ground
What should we eat and drink?
It is possible to see a mix of other Caribbean countries and Italian cuisine in Antigua and Barbuda. Apart from that, the country is a country that can be considered rich in terms of local flavors. Fungie and pepper pot, ducana, saltfish, and lobster are among the country's traditional dishes. Mauby, seamoss and tamarind are among the local drinks that you should taste within the borders of the country. You should definitely stop by Roti King and Cafe Napoleon, restaurants that will allow you to experience local tastes in Saint John's.
Where should we have fun?
As it can be understood from being an island country, Antigua and Barbuda is a very suitable country for water sports. Here, you can enjoy the Caribbean Sea and create unforgettable fun memories. In addition to the fact that the people of the island are fond of entertainment, the fact that tourism is an important source of income in the country has increased the importance given to entertainment venues. You will have no trouble finding a place where you can have fun and have a nice evening in this paradise. Sports-Man Pub in Saint John's is a place we definitely recommend you to visit.

Where should we stay?
Unfortunately, we cannot say that accommodation in Saint John's is very convenient, even though there are beautiful hotels each. If you are one of those who say, "I have allocated the necessary budget for accommodation," The Villas at Sunset Lane, Galley Bay Resort and Blue Waters Antigua are among the places you will not regret going. If you don't have a lot of budget for accommodation, we recommend that you rent a house or a room. This option will add a considerable amount to your budget compared to hotels.
Where shall we go for shopping?
There are many sweet shops in Saint John's where you can shop. Even if you do not want to buy anything, you can be sure that you will not leave empty-handed when you enter. At Zemi Art Gallery, you can buy beautiful handmade souvenirs that reflect the island spirit, and you can have jewelry that you will never want to take off thanks to Silver Chelles.
Remember these!
Antigua and Barbua may not satisfy you if you want to take a cultural holiday. If you are planning a holiday in this direction, it may be useful to review the country again.
Even if your flight to your destination country changes between 12 and 16 hours by transfer; Your arrival can take up to 36 hours, with long waiting times. If you have made your vacation plan for a limited time frame, Antigua and Barbua may not be suitable for you.
Important informations
Capital: Saint John’s
Spoken Languages: English
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Time Difference: -7
Area Code: + 1-268

Antigua and Barbuda, an island nation in North America famous for its exquisite and vast beaches, is a great stop to experience the wonderful atmosphere of the Caribbean. The history of this settlement, which preserved its virginity until it was discovered by Cristopher Colombus, dates back to 2400 BC. If you too dream of reaching out on the white beaches and enjoying the hot sun and cool waters, you should definitely see Antigua and Barbuda.

Places You Can See in Antigua and Barbuda
St. John's

The capital city of the country, St. John's, with a population of approximately 22,000, is the country's largest city and main port center. When you go to this charming capital, St. John’s Cathedral, St. John's Botanical Garden, Independence Square, St. Be sure to visit tourist attractions such as John’s Antigua Lighthouse and Baroque Towers.
Falmouth, located in the south of Antigua Island, is a holiday town with about 700 people. The town, which hosts many historical buildings and natural beauties to visit and see, is also very suitable for nature walks and photo safari.
Located northwest of Barbuda Island, Codrington was founded in 1685 by Christopher Codrington and John Codrington family. The population of the town, which experienced a great hurricane disaster in 2017, is around 1,250 people.
Shirley Heights

Shirley Heights, a military district located at the southernmost tip of the island of Antigua, is known for its exquisite scenery as well as its historical texture. Shirley Heights, a favorite of those who want to watch the sunset view in the country, sees the English Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.
Darby Cave
Darby Cave, near Codrington village, is among Barbuda's most interesting natural wonders with its stalactites and stalagmites. This cave, which is one of the most visited places by tourists coming to the country, also has pleasant walking paths around it.
  Devil's Bridge
Devil's Bridge, located at the northeast end of Antigua Island, is a natural bridge formed as a result of the erosion and transport of huge ocean waves. This place, which is named Devil's Bridge as it is believed to be built by demons by the locals, is also very attractive for photography enthusiasts.
Frigate Bird Sanctuary

Frigate Bird Sanctuary, located on the northwest island of Barbuda, is the largest bird park in the Caribbean with nearly 100 thousand bird species it hosts. Accessible only by boat, this park is flooded by those interested in bird watching.