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Phytotherapy is one of the oldest known sciences that we can translate into our language as herbal treatment. Phytotherapy is a complementary, supportive rational form of treatment. In phytotherapy treatment, it uses herbs or certain parts of plants, and they are consumed in the form of medicinal teas, creams, medicines, syrups, drops, dragees.

Plants contain important primary and secondary metabolites such as carbohydrate, protein, lipid, vitamins and minerals due to photosynthesis, and these important nutrients are used in herbal therapy. The World Health Organization (WHO) made the definition of "Medicinal Plants are plant varieties that can be therapeutic or disease-preventing with one or more organs or can be a precursor of any chemical-pharmaceutical synthesis." The product prepared from these is called phytotherapeutic products, and herbal medicines are called phytopharma.

The aim of phytotherapy is to treat diseases, prevent their aggravation, support treatment, and protect against diseases. The most known examples of herbal therapy are aspirin developed with a substance obtained from the bark of willow tree (salix alba), quinine obtained from cinchona bark used in the treatment of malaria, practical herbs used in cancer treatments, strengthening immunity and circulatory system, etc. many plants are used for this and similar important purposes. Most branches of medicine and the pharmaceutical sector have developed thanks to this field and are still developing.

One of the basic conditions of phytotherapy is standardization. In other words, the plant must be collected under suitable conditions, prepared and ready for use. Because other active ingredients, residues, contamination risk, etc. Trying to take advantage of them can also harm our body. The appropriate dosage and product determined by the doctor's diagnosis and treatment must be applied. Phytotherapy and herbal treatments are used at a great rate of 70-90% in the world.

Some Phytotherapeutic Plants

St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum): The extra has an antidepressant effect in long-term use, has a helpful effect for your sleep problems, has pain relieving properties, relaxes muscles, reduces fever, reduces bronchitis symptoms. It is very useful in kidney and gall bladder problems. Fat form is effective in low back pain.

Blueberry (Bilberry's-Blueberry's): Its tea has properties such as diarrhea relief, and drug effect of urinary tract infections. It is protective against dry eyes and infections. It contains ellagic-acid which is protective against cancer and has a positive effect on blood cholesterol. It reduces LDL cholesterol and has antioxidant properties.

Rose Hip-Dog Rose: Due to the phenolic compounds in its content, it has anticarcinogenic and antioxidant properties, it has anti-inflammatory effect, therefore it is used against various infectious diseases as well as chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, it has a positive effect in diseases such as obesity and diabetes, the richest It is one of the sources of vitamin C and helps alleviate common cold symptoms.

Guarana (Paullinia Cupana): Its caffeine content is very high, it suppresses appetite and is frequently used as a stimulant, research proves that the effect of guarana is more than caffeine. It is an antioxidant and antimicrobial, helping to lower LDL and total cholesterol. It has many positive effects on weight loss and most of them are included as research topics. Guarana supports weight loss by allowing the nervous system to enter the lipolysis process.

Echinacea-Hedgehog Grass (Echinacea): It is a plant belonging to the Daisy family. It contains three times more caffeine than the amount found in coffee. It is known as antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it has a positive effect on the immune system. Tea has a significant pain relief effect and can be preferred during the menstrual period. The cream form protects the skin against aging and is also preferred in skin problems such as eczema, it is effective against stress and anxiety. It plays a helpful role in the treatment of infections such as flu and vaginal.

Green Tea (Camellia sinensis): Green tea and black tea consist of the same leaf, only the way they are processed is different, so the leaves of black tea need to dry more in the sun. Thanks to the epi-gallo-catechin-3-gallate EGCG, it has a positive effect on fat burning. The catechin taken provides a decrease in total and abdominal fat. Caffeine content has a stimulating effect. Irritable bowel syndrome also has a positive effect. It fights cancer cells, regulates blood pressure.

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare): Fennel, which belongs to the parsley family, is a very rich herbal product in terms of its content. While its leaves are generally consumed by making tea, its seeds are used as a degassing agent. It helps to reduce blood pressure and helps in toxin removal. Thanks to its rich vitamin A content, it can prevent eye defects. It can help the treatment under the supervision of the doctor, its consumption can prevent and correct skin imperfections. Since it is a rich source of vitamin C, it is preferred in upper respiratory tract diseases and helps reduce symptoms. It reduces spasm and contractions, so it can be preferred during the menstrual period.

Herbal Phytotherapy Treatments

The treatment method in which all the phytotherapy products we mentioned are used is also herbal treatment. Herbal treatment can be done using most forms of the plant (tea, essential oil, etc.). Herbal treatments are preferred by patients and physicians for reasons such as helping the medication used according to the specific disease, reducing the negative effects of the drug, therapeutic and relaxing. The main thing to know here is that if it is used due to a disease, the doctor should be consulted, it should be used as deemed appropriate by the doctor, if it is used for weight loss, the dietician should be consulted and herbal products with unknown ingredients should not be used in any way. Appropriate herbal treatments respond positively in general. In such cases, taking advantage of herbal treatments as prescribed by the doctor or dietician will have a very positive effect on you. But we must not forget that no plant is miraculous.

The treatment method, which has been accepted as an alternative medicine method in Europe, has become widespread in our country. As a natural treatment method, phytotherapy is one of the most curious subjects. It is applied with herbal methods. Within the applications to be carried out with the use of herbal medicine, it is widely preferred today as a treatment method that has been applied since ancient times.

With a system applied only with herbal medicines, patients can be treated. Thanks to the applications to be carried out by herbal medicines and professors and doctors, positive effects can be obtained on the illness of the patient. Stimulation is given to certain parts of the body in order to stimulate and strengthen the body. It is preferred for the self-healing of the body.

What is Phytotherapy?

The application can be made within the controls to be made for the patients, especially according to the diseases to be determined. Treatment is applied with herbal medicines, which will be determined according to the needs of the patients. In line with the use of herbal medicines to be prescribed, the desired effect can be achieved in the body. Tea, herbs, capsules, tinctures, tablets or lotions or creams prepared for topical use are offered to patients on prescription.

Phytotherapy Application Time

The application time, which will vary depending on the person, is compatible with the effect of the patient on the treatment, especially if the treatment is used. Therefore, the duration of treatment is determined entirely according to the patient. If the treatment that will be preferred for different diseases is determined and applied for an appropriate period of time, positive effects can be obtained in the patient.

In chronic or acute conditions such as flu or cold, symptoms that occur within 4-6 weeks can be positively corrected. Treatment methods to be applied with herbal medicines can be preferred for chronic problems. At the same time, after long-term treatment for some skin diseases, positive effects can be seen in patients. Herbal remedies to be used to help the patient can support the treatment of the patient without any problems.

Is Phytotherapy Safe?

It is safe to apply medications that will be prescribed by fully qualified specialists. For this reason, especially those who prefer treatment should definitely get expert help. Since there may be different problems that may arise in sales or suggestions made over the Internet, the use of herbal medicines can be provided with prescriptions suitable for the problems to be determined in patients, within the scope of interviews with experts in order to continue the treatment positively.

In Which Diseases Phytotherapy Is Preferred?

How is phytotherapy applied, which is widely preferred today? It is one of the most curious subjects. In order for the treatment to be applied correctly, expert assistance must be obtained. In order for the treatment to be the main choice, determined diseases must occur. The diseases determined for the application of the treatment are as follows;

Migraine and headaches, Gynecological diseases, Overweight problem, Stomach and intestinal diseases, Post-chemotherapy treatment, Thyroid gland diseases, Kidney and urinary tract diseases, Diabetes, Respiratory diseases, Depression, panic attack or nerve diseases, Allergy and skin diseases, rheumatism and osteoporosis, insomnia, different crisis period problems, Asthma.

Herbal Teas For Phytotherapy

In case of using phytotherapy treatment method, which is based on the treatment of patients with herbal medicines, herbal tea, which will be recommended by specialist doctors, is beneficial. Especially ensuring the regular use of properly prepared herbal medicines can have positive effects on the patient. It is applied on the basis of herbal medicines and treatment of patients with the use of medicines to be prescribed by specialist doctors.

When preparing herbal teas, attention should be paid especially to the quality of water. In order to prepare herbal teas, a sacred ceremony is held especially in countries such as Japan and China. In order for the tea to increase its quality and to have positive effects on the body, it should be prepared in a particularly determined way. Patients who want to get expert assistance can receive the necessary assistance to ensure that the treatment can be applied smoothly, especially within the interviews with people who have the necessary certificates.

Herbal teas to be preferred according to the diseases vary. It is important that the herbal teas to be prescribed are freshly prepared and consumed as recommended, depending on the disease to be determined in the patient after the controls. In this way, the desired effect can be achieved. There are many different points to be considered in order for teas to be effective. Tea can be prepared appropriately in order to provide the desired benefit to the body in accordance with the carefully performed processes such as the way the tea is brewed, the quality of the water used, the characteristics of the tea.

How is Phytotherapy Applied?

Herbal medicine treatment method to be applied by phytotherapy specialists is applied according to the diseases of the patients. It is ensured that appropriate herbal medicines are used within the specified period in order to treat the chronic diseases of the patient. The long duration of the process requires patients to be patient. In order to achieve the desired positive effect, the necessary sensitivity should be shown during the phytotherapy treatment.

The drugs to be given by the specialist should be used as determined. The use of particularly recommended herbal remedies such as tea, capsules, tinctures, tablets, herbs or cream or lotion is provided. It is important to follow the treatment process continuously. In this process, it is especially important to note the developments in the patient continuously and to check whether they are effective or not. Therefore, if patients prefer treatment, they should definitely get expert help. The treatment process may vary depending on the patient's condition.