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The Ancestor of Natural Treatment Methods:

Mineral Content Thermal Waters

Do you know the benefits of thermal waters, which are shown as the most effective alternative treatment methods, for human health?

Let's examine the benefits of this miraculous water, which is rich in minerals formed in the lower layers of the earth over the centuries.

What is Thermal Water? How does it occur?

It is a healing resource that is widely used in alternative medicine with its very healing power, as it contains various gases, minerals, salts, radioactive substances, ions that emerge from the ground at 20 degrees and above.

Thermal waters are formed by the surface waters leaking from the cracks, melting the minerals on their way, reaching the heated layers in the deep and evaporating and condensing with the effect of the heat here and returning to the earth.

Effects of Thermal Waters

Doctors now recommend natural remedies rather than medication. This is because when medications are treating one area, other organs are more likely to be damaged by the side effects of the medication.

Today, when natural methods have started to replace chemical drugs, the country that produces the most drugs is Germany and the country that consumes the least drugs is Germany. One of the most important methods of natural healing methods is thermal waters and spas.

Scientific studies have shown that mineral-dense thermal waters, which have been thought to be good for diseases since ancient times, can be used in the treatment of diseases.

The minerals found in the hot springs are evaluated by the doctors in the medical boards after the necessary analysis and research, and they are investigated for which diseases can be applied first. It is recommended as an adjunct treatment in many issues such as digestive system, lung and liver diseases, thanks to the spa waters, the effects of which vary according to the factors of the diseases, and beneficial minerals.

In many countries, thermal water treatment methods are also included in the list of treatments paid under health insurance.

Mineral, not temperature

The heat of the thermal waters dissolves the spasm in the muscles and increases the blood circulation. However, the pain relieving feature of the spa water is not only related to the temperature of the water.

Minerals of volcanic origin and other natural chemicals, which have been formed over millions of years in the hot spring waters, create much more and lasting effects than the temperature feature of the water because it contains

The main active ingredients of the benefits provided by the spa waters, which are considered to be healing, are the compounds or ions of the elements dissolved in the magma layer.

The benefits of thermal are countless. But the strong minerals it contains are what makes thermal water special. Thanks to the minerals it contains, it is easily absorbed by the body in contact with the skin. With this feature, rich mineral thermal waters are a source of healing for us.

The minerals in the spas are evaluated by the doctors in the medical boards after the necessary analysis and research, and they are investigated for which diseases can be applied first. It is recommended as an auxiliary treatment for many issues such as digestive system, lung and liver diseases, thanks to the spa waters, the effects of which vary according to the factors of diseases, and beneficial minerals.

It is an indisputable fact that these mineral waters, which are extremely beneficial for health, are good for many diseases even when healthy bodies need them.

Here are the minerals in thermal waters and the organs and diseases they affect positively;

Useful Minerals in Hot Spring Water

Sodium: It regulates the ph value in the blood and provides fluid pump as well as an effective regulator in vascular and nerve diseases.

Magnesium: Magnesium, known for its calming effect, provides regeneration and energy. In this way, it is thought to be effective in the treatment of psychotic disorders.

Radon: Known for its radioactive properties, radon provides strengthening of body resistance and immune system.

Fluoride: Fluoride, a compound of fluorine, helps strengthen the bone and skeletal system.

Nitrate: It is known to be good for diseases that cause respiratory distress such as upper respiratory tract infections, COPD, asthma and chronic bronchitis.

Calcium: Calcium, known to be effective against hypertension, contributes to the bone and skeletal structure and reduces skeletal pain.

Sulfur: It is one of the most useful compounds in hot springs. It is known to be good for cardiovascular diseases.

Hydroarsenate: This substance is good for extra formations such as gallstones, kidney stones and liver, stomach and intestinal system pain.

Benefits of Thermal Waters

The benefits of thermal waters, which do not end with counting, provide benefits to many parts of our body due to the minerals they contain, as well as their temperature and structure.

It speeds up the metabolism

In parallel with the time spent in the healing thermal water, an acceleration is observed in human metabolism.

Thermal spring water is also good for people with indigestion problems.

Refreshes your skin

Skin diseases that negatively affect your body and mental health, such as allergies and eczema, are healed with thermal waters. As the minerals penetrate the skin, the itching sensation that occurs in the problem areas or areas of the skin indicates that the allergy areas have healed after thermal water treatment.

Physical chemical changes caused by hyper-thermal waters at a temperature of 40-42 degrees on the skin surface by both absorption and accumulation in the skin have an facilitating effect in the treatment of many skin diseases.

The most important of the direct effects of thermal waters on the skin surface is the acceleration of the superficial blood circulation. In the spa cure, there is a shine in the appearance of the hair and a vitality in the appearance of the skin.

Thermal water slows down the biological cell structure and aging rate and offers a healthier life for everyone from seven to seventy.

It is good for your soul.

Thermal water has many psychological benefits to your body as well as physiological. With its relaxing feature, thermal waters will help the body and soul to relax, especially during times spent at thermal water temperature on stressful and busy days. Thermal waters, which help to eliminate swelling in the body, are literally like a therapy in every aspect.

Thermal water also has benefits in relieving complaints such as mental and mental fatigue.

It relieves and heals rheumatism pains.

Hot spring waters create a feeling of relief for people with rheumatism pain.

The severity of pain in the problematic area is reduced with the minerals contained in the hot water. The hot spring water is also good for joint aches or lower back pain.

Thermal water; It is used as a complementary treatment element in chronic low back pain such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, non-inflammatory joint diseases such as osteoarthritis and soft tissue diseases such as myositis, tendinitis, trauma, and fibromyalgia syndrome.

It treats inflammation.

Thermal water has a positive effect in the treatment of diseases such as inflammation spreading along the nerves, nerve end inflammation, inflammation of the tendon and joint membrane.

It is good for arthritis and muscle aches.

Thermal water is one of the most effective methods used in the treatment of arthritis types such as joint and spine calcification. In addition to all these, thermal waters are also effective in reducing muscle pain and sciatica complaints.

It rehabilitates neurological disorders.

The relaxing and relaxing effect of thermal water ensures positive results in the rehabilitation of neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy and polio.

Solution for orthopedic ailments.

Thermal water therapy has an important place in the rehabilitation of joint stiffness after orthopedic or skeletal system operations, sequelae from accidents or surgeries, joint freezing and muscle stiffness.

It has been observed that, thanks to thermal water, fractures heal in a shorter time and post-disease dysfunction can be corrected.

It refreshes and heals the respiratory tract.

Thermal water is a source of healing for diseases such as asthma, bronchial, aronic bronchitis, allergic upper respiratory tract diseases and pneumoconiosis.

Help treat nephrological diseases.

Thermal water has positive effects in the treatment of (nephrological) diseases related to the excretory system, including mainly kidneys, bladder and urinary tract.

Thanks to its structure, which contains thermal water molecules and particles, it increases the amount of blood filtered from the kidney and accelerates the detoxification process with this increase.

Thermal water plays an effective role in removing kidney stones from the body and in the treatment of urinary bladder inflammation (cystitis).