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MOTOCROSS Motocross , which...

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Nature tourısm actıvıtıes


Although our country's rich flora and animal diversity are legendary, it must be one of the best travel experiences to visit and see the ecosystems that contain these creatures.

Our country has unique historical and archaeological works and many geographical beauties. Turkey sea, plateaus, it has been one of the most popular tourist destinations with historical and archaeological remains of the forests.

Throughout history, Turkey has hosted many civilizations, should one of the world's most glamorous country with its natural and historical beauty.

In every corner of the country lies a completely different treasure waiting to be discovered. Depending on the climatic conditions, vegetation and many other factors of their location, the most suitable visit period for some natural beauties is in summer and in winter for others.

With its mountains, its beaches, its rivers, its waterfall, visitors admired him for Turkey's natural beauty and activities that can be made:

Abant, Bolu

Abant Lake is a holiday destination mostly preferred by Istanbul residents because it is very close to the Istanbul-Ankara highway. The surrounding of the lake is suitable for entertainment, recreation, sports, hunting and picnics. You can enter the cool waters of the lake and fish.

Live Diversity: Abant Lake and its surroundings, home to species such as wild boar, rabbit, roe deer, bear, fox, wild duck, partridge and wild pigeon, is also home to the endemic fish species known as the Abant Trout.

Weather: In this place where the cold winters are felt a lot, the summers are cooler compared to the South beaches.

Accommodation: Hotels and restaurants are available around the lake.

• Spread Breakfast at Hereke Beach (Mixed breakfast at Kordon cafe)

• Abant Village Market (Free Time)• Abant Lake • Nature Park

Vehicle Departure Point

06:45 Mecidiyeköy IETT Stations (In Front of Mado)

07:00 In front of Kadıköy Marriage Office

It has a very important place in terms of tourism due to its rich flora. The edge of the lake and the water form a beautiful unity with various water lilies. In addition, trout, first place in the natural beauty of Lake Abant in Turkey, İntelligenceturkey as professionals, our knowledge and our always smiling face, we are living the excitement of sharing with you.
To get reservations and information with the hope that you will have an unforgettable day

Yedigöller, Bolu

If you are one of those who want a place in nature but a calm place, this place is for you. You can sit by the lake or take photogenic pictures with your camera. You can take long walks and throw your energy.

Diversity of life: It is possible to see many bird species in the Yedigöller region, which has a rich flora.

Weather: In this region where winters are cool, summers are hot.

• Spread Breakfast at Hereke Beach (Mixed breakfast at Kordon cafe)

İncegöl, Sazlıgöl, Kurugöl, Nazlıgöl, Büyükgöl, Seringöl, Deringöl,

Vehicle Departure Point

06:45 Mecidiyeköy IETT Stations (In Front of Mado)

07:00 In front of Kadıköy Marriage Office

Yedigöller is almost like a paradise. It is as beautiful as you can witness a thousand and one shades of green. It is a natural wonder that will make you fall in love with it, with giant trees rising for meters and animals and birds that you will be quite surprised when you see it. We are experiencing the excitement of visiting this paradise with you, accompanied by Intelligenceturkey Professionals, with these natural wonder lakes, which are formed as a result of precious landslides.
To get reservations and information with the hope that you will have an unforgettable day

Düzce Waterfalls

Are you ready to explore the breathtaking beauty of Düzce Falls and Landscape in Desolation, Known as the Paradise of Waterfalls?

In Turkey's first registered as a Natural Monument Samandere Falls, will attract your custom view photos, released after a short time you can take the tiredness of the city is full of air and oxygen, we turn to our Güzeldere waterfall trail.

The waterfall on the Bicki Stream passing through the Güzeldere Village; Combining the natural enthusiasm of the water pouring from a height of 120 meters with giant beech and hornbeam trees, it offers a magnificent view. The hues of spring and autumn that turn into a riot of colors make this beautiful natural area look like a painting. Güzeldere Waterfall is one of the important natural values ​​of the region with its natural landscape vegetation, picnic areas, arranged in-forest recreation areas and hiking trails.

• Mixed Breakfast at Hereke Beach (Mixed breakfast at Kordon cafe)

Samandere Waterfall and Güzeldere Waterfall

Vehicle Departure Point

06:45 Mecidiyeköy IETT Stations (In Front of Mado)

07:00 In front of Kadıköy Marriage Office

Düzce Waterfalls are among the trees where all shades of green are combined. As soon as you feel that you are approaching from the sound of the waterfall, we suddenly enjoy watching the magnificent waterfall among the trees. We are enjoying the coolness and magnificent atmosphere from the paradise corner waterfall, which is a wonder of nature. As Intelligenceturkey Professionals, we are very happy to accompany you in this unique view in the valley surrounded by giant beech and hornbeam trees, the sound of the humming water hitting the rocks we first heard.
To get reservations and information with the hope that you will have an unforgettable day

Ağva, İstanbul

 Ağva, with its clean sea and golden beaches, is a holiday village in the northeast of Istanbul. You can tour with canoe and go for a walk in Ağva, which is the address of those who want to spend a pleasant holiday in nature with a budget suitable for everyone.

Diversity of life: Ağva, which has a rich flora due to its location on the river, enriches the diversity of life with the various animals it hosts.

Weather: In this region where winters are cold, summers are hot.

.When we reach Ağva, we first make our magnificent boat trip where you will photograph the beauties of Göksu Creek. (30 minutes) Afterwards, we give free time in the center of Ağva, which is established between two streams and the triangle formed by the Black Sea.

In Polonezköy Cumhuriyet Village, we are making our SPREADING breakfast, which is included in the tour, in Şelale Park Restaurant.

Vehicle Departure Point

06:45 Mecidiyeköy IETT Stations (In Front of Mado)

07:00 In front of Kadıköy Marriage Office

It is like a hidden paradise settled among pine trees on the ridges of Ağva, one side facing the sea and the other side facing the river. We, as Intelligenceturkey Professionals, are excited to spend a nice day with you in Ağva, which means "village between two streams" in Latin, the settlement area, which was the colony of Genoese and Venetians in ancient times, with a beach of 50 meters wide and 2.5 kilometers long.
To get reservations and information with the hope that you will have an unforgettable day

Sapanca & Maşukiye

We reach Sapanca with our pleasant vehicle journey and get our morning breakfast at Meşelik Park in the heart of nature.

After our local breakfast, where we will both enjoy nature and get plenty of oxygen, we visit Ormanya with its new name, formerly known as Uzuntarla Nature Park. The Wildlife Park Ormanya, which consists of an area of ​​four thousand decares, contains 467 animals and plant species from 53 different species. Many species such as fallow deer, gazelles and roe deer continue their generations in their natural habitats in the park. We are confident that you will come to mind the heroes you watch in the movies, have fun moments, collect and photograph unforgettable memories, and you will be very pleased by visiting the area where the heroes who have helped us to get to know today with the films "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbits".

Together with the zoo, our journey continues towards the Reverse House. After our photo break in the reverse house, we head towards Separate Planet Glass Terrace, where we will be full of green. After our program on the glass terrace where we will give free time, we arrive at Maşukiye.

When we reach Maşukiye, we take a walk with our guide and then give free time. Our guests can shop at the local village market, while our guests can do ATV safari and Zipline (personalized extra).

After free time, we arrive at Sapanca lake, which is a tectonic lake, and give free time by the lake. After free time, we return to Istanbul on the same route with the best use of our day and the pleasure of the wonderful memories we have accumulated. We leave you at the points we have taken and say goodbye to you, our valued guest, with our smiling face to see you again on different routes.

Natural Lıfe Park Ormanya

Discovered after more than 10 years of research and planning, ORMANYA Wildlife Park is the third largest natural habitat in the world and Europe's largest natural habitat, spreading over 2 thousand decares with its natural environment. In the park, where all the needs for plants and animals to live in the closest environment to their natural conditions, all details have been carefully considered for the visitors. ORMANYA, a world-class project in every aspect; It presents a unique model combining the protection of natural life and touristic use.

Considering all these features Ormanyan, Turkey has the potential to be the most important nature tourism destination.

Reverse House

Turkey's largest 170-square-foot "Reverse house", as you should be able to find details that appeal to every audience in every house there are many different corners. It makes a difference especially with its sports room, kitchen, fireplace section and outer garden. As the curtains, furniture, toilet, bedroom and all other items are mounted on the ceiling in the house where real items are used, it is possible to take especially beautiful photos and videos that make visitors dizzy. The house, in which steel material is used approximately three times as much as a normal house, has slopes on all sides. The fact that all of the furniture in the house is on the ceiling causes people to be surprised from the first entrance. The reverse house, which is waiting for its guests after passing the necessary security tests, opens its doors to those who want to visit, between certain hours every day of the week. The inverted house, which draws attention with its different design, gives the feeling that a family is living in it and the situation of the house describes a life experience.

Separate Planet Glass Terrace

In the district of Turkey's largest glass terrace Marmara, did you know that it is the first and only glass terrace?

From this glass terrace you can watch Sapanca lake and unique mountain view. We share this beauty of nature with you, built on a 100 square meter area in an area of ​​460 square meters and with a height of 185 meters, at the bottom of the glass terrace, among the sounds of the stream, with its magnificent view.

Sapanca Lake

The fresh water lake Sapanca, located in the eastern part of the Marmara Region, in the eastern half of a long pit connecting the Adapazarı Plain to the Izmit Bay groove, is located in the province of Sakarya in the east and Kocaeli in the west end. Its basin is 252 km square. Its area is 47 square kilometers. Its east-west length is 17 km. Its north-south width is 5 km and the height of the surface from the sea is 31 m. Its deepest place is 61 meters.

The lake takes its name from the district established on the south coast. In the old Turkish sources, it is referred to as Ayan Lake. The lake, which is well nourished by floods coming down from the mountains in its south, discharges its excess water to the Sakarya River from the eastern end via Çark water. The streams feeding the lake are Karaçay, Kuruçay, Kurtköy, Mahmudiye, Istanbul, Kara creek and Kaymakçı creeks. Partridge, woodcock and rabbit hunting are also carried out on the foothills of the north and south, and all kinds of freshwater fish in the lake.

Return Transportation, Morning Breakfast Meşelik Park Nature Park

(Except Monday)

Natural Lıfe Park Ormanya-Reverse House-Separate Planet-Glass Terrace-Mashukıye Vıllage Bazaar-Sapanca Lake

Vehicle Departure Point

06:45 Mecidiyeköy IETT Stations (In Front of Mado)

07:00 In front of Kadıköy Marriage Office

In Ormanya, to see the Hobbit houses and the zoo, to take lots of pictures, to go for a nature walk, to buy the famous cheese of Maşukiye from the village market, to take pictures on the opposite house and a separate planet glass terrace.

İntelligenceturkey as professionals, our knowledge and our always smiling face, we are living the excitement of sharing with you.

To get reservations and information with the hope that you will have an unforgettable day

Abant & Goynuk

Abant Lake-Goynuk - Gazi Suleyman Pasha Bath and Mosque - Akşemsettin Tomb - Victory Tower -

Abant Lake

It is a crater and deposit lake formed on the Abant Mountains 34 kilometers southwest of Bolu. There are many hills in the park area from 1400 meters to 1700 meters in height. Abant Lake has a fascinating beauty every month of the year. Abant is a very popular holiday center preferred for both day trips and accommodation. The lake, whose area is 127 hectares, is 1328 meters above sea level. It feeds on groundwater. Its depth is 18 meters.

Due to the plant richness of Lake Abant and its environs and its great outdoor recreation potential, 1196.5 hectares of the area was taken under protection as a "Nature Park" in 1988. Abant Lake surrounding Scots pine, larch, beech, oak, poplar, ash, hornbeam, willow, juniper trees and rhododendron, wild, hazelnut, medlar, chaff, hawthorn, holly, rosehip, fern, blackberry, strawberry, mint, raspberry, ivy, Nettle, horsetail and meadow grasses are the major trees. The edges of Abant Lake are full of various aquatic plants and water lilies.

Information About Goynuk

Göynük, located in the southwestern region of Bolu, is a classical Ottoman settlement established in the valley between two hills. As you enter the valley, a district of Ottoman mansions that we identify with Safranbolu welcomes you.

Places to Visit and See in Goynuk

Akşemseddin His Holiness Tomb

Akşemseddin, who was born in Damascus in 1389 and became famous as the teacher of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, likes it very much while passing through Göynük and dies in this peaceful district. The tomb of Akşemseddin was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. A special festival is organized for him in the district at the end of May every year.

Gazi Süleyman Pasha Mosque and Bath

Gazi Suleyman Pasha Bath

There is a bath and a mosque right next to the tomb. Gazi Suleyman Pasha Mosque was built between 1331 and 1335 by Prince Gazi Suleyman Pasha, the eldest son of the 2nd Ottoman Sultan Orhan Bey. It stands out as one of the first Ottoman works in the region. In the construction of this mosque, it is rumored that a worker takes a stone without putting it in his hand. When Süleyman Pasha noticed the situation and asked the worker why, he said that he did not want to put stones in the foundation of the blessed building because he could not wash in the morning. Thereupon, Süleyman Pasha gives the order to build a bath next to the mosque construction.

Victory Tower

When you talk about Göynük, the first thing you come across is the Victory Tower. It was built by the first District Governor of the Republic Period, Hurşit Bey. It is said to be the first work in the history of the Republic. From here you have a panoramic view of the city. However, the tower looks very beautiful from below.

Where and What to Eat and Drink in Goynuk?

Spoon-stem ravioli with walnut and walnuts, noodles with walnuts, meat in casserole, meat in casserole, pita, salad, beans, liver, kanlıca mushroom with cheese in casserole, pan yogurt, rolling pin baklava and tahini pita are local dishes.

In addition, an interesting tradition awaits here, when they will come to Goynuk during Ramadan. Every Ramadan, 12 kinds of meals are served here in restaurants. These dishes are served and eaten in about 20 minutes. The order of the dishes is as follows: breakfast foods, wedding soup (chickpeas and meat are included in the region, but not in Goynuk), meat or chicken in a copper pan, okra, meat wrap, water pastry, fried yogurt, milk dessert, rice, compote, arrowla Pastry (baklava from rolling pin), fruit is served according to the season.

Departure Point

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07:00 Kadıköy Marriage Office

First place in the natural beauty of the Lake Abant in Turkey, was established in the valley between two hills, is a classic Ottoman settlements Goynuk district, the İntelligenceturkey as professionals, our knowledge and always smile on our face, we are living the excitement of sharing with you.

To getTo get reservations and information with the hope that you will have an unforgettable day