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MOTOCROSS Motocross , which...

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Kıte Surfıng/Flıp Surfıng

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Dınıng Out In A Turkısh Way





Ocakbaşı was a traditional barbecue restaurant where you can sit by the fire and grill your kebabs, and of course with Turkish Raki!

We continue our gourmet journey by passing, seeing and visiting some Turkish restaurants. Finally, we arrive at Meyhane, a traditional Taverna where you can taste appetizers, drink Turkish Raki and listen to live Turkish Music sung by Gypsy Musicians.

Raki is traditionally produced by double distillation of grape pulp (or grape pulp mixed with ethanol) in 5000 liters of conventional copper still and flavoring with anise.

Turkey has a national drink and rack conventionally personal preference by either straight (tab, French "dry" since the clean or dry) and mixing it with cold water next to or partially consumed chilled water. Sometimes ice cubes are added. Dilution with water causes the raki to turn into a milky white color similar to wormwood. This famous led to the drink being popularly referred to as Lion's Milk. Since Aslan is a Turkish-colloquial metaphor for a strong, brave man, he gives this term a "close to anything" meaning. For the strong, Lion's milk. "

Rakı is usually consumed alongside appetizers, as well as a selection of hot and cold appetizers, before or instead of a full dinner at the raki table. It is especially popular in seafood, with fresh arugula, feta cheese and honey melon. It is an equally popular complement to various red meat dishes such as kebab.

meze dishes popular in Turkey:

• Mutabbal / Babaghanoush - eggplant (eggplant) is crushed and mixed with spices.

• Hummus - dip sauce or paste made from cooked chickpea puree

• Falafel - deep-fried meatballs or dumplings made from ground chickpeas, broad beans, or both.

• Tashi - Dip made from tahini, garlic, salt and lemon juice with a garnish of minced parsley.

• Meatballs - Cigar-shaped meatballs consisting of minced meat, onion puree, a small amount of ground beef and bread, softened in spices and raki.

• İçli Köfte - dishes made with bulgur, minced meat and spices

• Stuffed meatballs Nayye - bulgur, chopped lamb meat and spices

• Spicy lamb and beef sausage (naqaniq / maqaniq / laqaniq and sausage)

• Halloumi cheese, usually sliced ​​and grilled or fried.

• Stuffed Rice, mint, lemon juice, peppers, vegetables such as peppers or zucchini stuffed with minced lamb. (Turkish)

• Sarma (also known as Koubebkia or Mashi Warqenab) - Grape vine leaves stuffed with rice, chopped mint, lemon juice, pepper, minced lamb. (Turkish)

Yogurt (Mast-o-Khiar in Iran)

• Cacık - Plain yoghurt, finely chopped cucumber, finely chopped garlic and dip made from mint leaves.

• Dredging - dipped carp roe, mashed potatoes and fish roe dipping based on olive oil. In the traditional Istanbul variety of this dish, a significant portion of the fish roe should remain intact.

Shanklish - cow's milk or sheep's milk cheeses.

• Muhammara - ground walnuts, breadcrumbs, garlic, salt, lemon juice and chili pepper sauce with olive oil


Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry consisting of layers filled with chopped hazelnuts, flavored, attached with syrup or honey. It is characteristic of Levant, Caucasus, Balkans, Maghreb, Central and West Asian cuisines.

Turkish Night and Turkish Cuisine with its rich variety, Turkish Raki with its closest friend and Turkish Baklava with its sweet talk ...

With Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine, Turkish Ocakbasi culture, a traditional barbecue where you can sit by the fire and grill your kebabs and of course Turkish Rakı! As Intelligenceturkey Professionals, we continue our gourmet journey by seeing and visiting and experiencing a Turkish night in traditional Turkish restaurants.

We wish to have an unforgettable night to get reservations and information click.